College Homework and ADHD

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Recently, our oldest came home from college for a weekend, homework in tow. I know the child is 23 years old, but I was happy that he was able to find the assignment (okay, so it was online, but still). I was even happier that he had the correct book. Ron's homework was to write a comprehensive summary of three chapters in one of his business textbooks. Talk about boring. He's pretty interested in it, though. He explained enough to show me he had a good grasp of the subject, although for the life of me I can't remember what it was. We had a good discussion about how hard it is for him to … [Read more...]

A Homework Nightmare

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Last week in the newsletter, I mentioned that all of our kids had come home for the weekend - Ron with college homework in tow. While he was taking a break, I read him an article I wrote back when he was in the tenth grade. Read, it, multiply it by four, and you'll understand why I'm able to write stuff like Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare and Focus Pocus! "Did you wash jeans? My Algebra assignments were in my pocket." Sure enough, crumpled up in the trash was a freshly laundered yellow sticky note, with penciled assignments too faded to read. So he pored through the Algebra II … [Read more...]

Three Tips for … Surviving Math Homework – by Alana Morales

Don't let the headline get to you. For some kids, math comes easy to them. Then there are the rest of us. Not to be stereotypical, but math can pose some special difficulties for our ADHD kids. ADHD kids have a tendency to have difficulties with math facts, processing word problems and even following the order of operations. Special skills can help ease these troubles. Here are three tips to help your kids survive and thrive math this year. 1. Make it fun. I know I keep saying this, but make the math fun. Despite common belief, you can make it fun. Let them do math facts online. … [Read more...]

Helping an ADHD Child Remember

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I Facebooked back and forth a couple of weeks ago with a mom. She told me a story that is so textbook ADHD-Inattentive, that I asked her if I could share it with you. I had planned to put it all in the newsletter, but changed my mind and have given it an entire webpage... Tonight, I sit here feeling like I am failing as a parent of an ADHD child. My daughter is such a good kid, but her forgetfulness, impulsiveness and disorganization has become an all time high. She has just received her 3rd after school detention for the same thing-not turning in her homework. She is in middle school and … [Read more...]

Five Hints for Homework

When you're in the middle of a marathon homework session, encourage your child to continue focusing by giving frequent concentration breaks. Say, "You'll need to focus really well for the next 10 minutes, then you'll get a break." (Why does this remind me of Lamaze class?!) Highlight processing signs (plus, minus, divide, etc.) on your child's math homework so he'll remember to do the correct operation. In your quest toward homework independence, your child might just need a jump start. When she begins a subject, do the first problem or two with her, or help write that first sentence, or … [Read more...]

From the Archives…A Homework Nightmare

I'll be blunt. I hope your week has been better than ours. Without going into the gory details, well…let's just do Thursday night. After we discovered that two of the boys had projects due Friday involving poster board, my husband volunteered to go buy extra. He came home with three science boards. Thankfully, we had just enough poster board in our supply closet. Somebody remind me to buy more before the next crisis occurs. Ron had two projects due that he hadn't started (she types with clenched teeth). One was a collage. My husband and I were up after midnight helping him find and print … [Read more...]

Start at the End

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Quick homework hint for today. When your teacher assigns end of the chapter/section questions, make sure your child reads the questions before reading the material. This helps her know what to look for as she reads. If you have a scanner or a copier at your house, copy the questions. He can jot down short answers, or mark multiple choice questions as he goes. We purchased an all in one printer with a scanner, copier and fax last year, and it has been one of the best investments we've ever made. I absolutely cannot imagine life without it now. PS Check out this one: Canon PIXMA MX512 … [Read more...]

Getting An ADHD Child Started

In your quest toward homework independence, your child might just need a jump start. When she begins a subject, do the first problem or two with her, or help write that first sentence, or have her read the first paragraph aloud. It's like riding a bike - sometimes you just need a push-off. Just a little hint to get you started. … [Read more...]

Organizing Homework – For Kids Who Lack The Gift of Organization


Keeping homework organized for school is such a major challenge for kids with ADHD. They lose it, mix it up, remember things that don't exist, ruin it, and are sure they put it "right there"...We've discovered a few top ideas that help even the worst ADHD offenders. Color Code - At the beginning of the year, each subject gets a color, and the notebook and folder for that subject stay the same throughout. Actually in our house, every year, math is green (for money), science is black (for dead things!), social studies is blue (for the world), and English is red (for frustration?). If you're … [Read more...]

"Homework Doesn’t Get Any Better…"

An ADHD mom writes..."My daughter is in 8th grade and is doing Algebra! Her homework last night was to solve quadratic equations with variables on each side. Of course, I had to refer to the textbook (which she gets to keep at home thanks to her 504 accommodation!) to help her with it. She used a large (24"x18") white wipe board and colored markers (lime green, bright pink, yellow) to work out the problems. The wipe board makes it easy for me to watch how she is working the problem out because she writes bigger than she could on her binder paper, and it makes it easy for her to erase a … [Read more...]