A Helpful Tool to Foster Independence

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ADHD On Task On Time for KidsAt Ketchup, we’ve often recommended the use of a timer to keep your child on task for a set amount of time. This one caught our eye — it looks efficient and should help your family feel that way too.

What’s nice about this particular one is that it comes with three disks. In theory, you could set up a routine for morning, after school and evening activities. For instance, a morning disk could be set so your child would have an allowed set amount of time for breakfast, dressing and teeth brushing without you reminding her of each step.

You decide the important tasks, timings and a strategic reward for your child’s “beating the clock.” Save your voice and preserve your sanity. Let the On Task On time for Kids timer sound off instead.

Try the On-Task On-Time For Kids


  1. Thank you for writing about On-Task On-Time for Kids. You explain it very well! I invented it when my triplets were 5 years old, and I had to yell and nag to keep my kids focused on their morning routine. It is designed to promote a child’s independence and self esteem by eliminating the need for parental reminders. Helps a child focus on his/her routine (morning, after school and bedtime) while staying on time.

    • Triplets?? We truly can only imagine keeping three on task consistently. It sounds like necessity was the mother of invention, and we all get to benefit. Thanks for writing and thanks for giving us a great tool.