An Encouraging Word – And ADHD Success Story

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adhd success storyIt’s always so encouraging when readers send in success stories. Here’s a great one*.

Our oldest, an eighteen year old boy, has matured so much in the last year. A little over a year ago, he wasn’t that connected to the youth group, hadn’t found his spot, he was at a deadend with school and gravatating to “friends” who were probably only good for providing him with self medicating products which we were watching extra closely. Then he lost his best friend, who died from an accident a year ago. Since then, we found (no – God led us to ), an amazing sports program that started out being for homeschool boys and ended up also including at risk kids as well. It is led by some of the most Godly men I’ve ever met – with a heart for seeing these young boys grow into Godly men. Our son joined a team for the first time in his life. He now attends their school and comes home, sits down to homework, gets up early to work on homework without me asking – a miracle in this house. He also tried out and joined the youth band as the drummer.

He found his spot. He’s been overseas on a mission’s trip, and is now interning at the church in the youth group over all youth events and worship activities with a college graduate who has become his mentor. This week he’s leading the band in an entire set of songs that not only glorify God but are a remembrance of his friend’s life…All that to say, as moms, as parents, we know God has a purpose for them and when it doesn’t follow the path and pattern that most seem to follow, it just makes us dig in a little deeper to help them find their way to success and their purpose because we know its there.

I’d love for you to add your success story in the comment section below. We all need an encouraging word now and then!

*Note that the names and details are changed for the sake of privacy

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