Book Review…The Gift in You by Dr. Caroline Leaf

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the gift in you book adhdThe Gift in You. I love this book. I can’t stop talking about it – so much of what this author says strikes a chord in me. No intelligence test can truly test your giftedness or your intelligence level.

You are one-of-a-kind: no one else processes information, approaches a problem or thinks exactly like you. You are gifted like no one else! While this is written to help you discover your gift, it will also help you understand the ones you love who have very different gifts.

Dr. Carolyn Leaf has researched the science of thought since 1985, and what she’s found will fascinate you. Here’s an excerpt:

One teacher feeling the strain of his situation said, “Dr. Leaf, you’ve got it all wrong. There’s a child in my class who’s so stupid there’s no way he has a gift.” Well, for once in my life, I was dumbstruck.

Then, one of his colleagues stepped in and countered, “Do you know what, sir?” For a moment, I held my breath because I knew we would soon learn if the material from the seminar was sinking in or if we should duck for cover. Thankfully, this teacher had embraced the core of the importance of living in our gifting. He countered, “That child – that so-called stupid child– can do something that you can’t do.” And it is true.

Each person can do something no one else can do. There’s something each child can do that no one else can do…..Find it in yourself. Find it in your children. Find it in your spouse. Find it in your colleagues at work. Find it, because in it you will also find the truth of God’s living promises.
You were not built to struggle. Your brain is wired to function according to a specific sequence. When you discover that sequence, that structure, you unlock great potential.

I know that ADHD is a gift and a blessing; yet it doesn’t always feel that way. As Winston Churchill once quipped, “If this is a blessing, it is certainly very well disguised.” I recognize that my ADHD child is uniquely gifted. She’s gifted musically, socially, artistically. She can bake and shop and travel halfway around the world all by herself. She’s God’s gift to me.

Oops – I got distracted from the book post and started bragging on my child.

Anyway…check out “The Gift in You“. I’ve got to go hug a kid who has a gift in her!