Gifts for ADHD Kids

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peppermint gumWe were having a discussion at our house about what makes a good stocking stuffer, and the kids decided that there is one thing that every ADHD kid NEEDS. Ready for this? The one necessary thing was…peppermint gum. Gum is a fidget. Peppermint has that smell that improves focus. So there you have it, and don’t you wish that meant your holiday shopping was over?!

But since we have a feeling your list is a bit longer than that…here are a few more of the wishes – er – suggestions we got! We were surprised at how many things fell in the non-toy department.

Games. We love Spot It for the face pace, but also because it really requires focus! It’s a challenge for kids and adults. In fact…kids are better at it than I am! Other good game ideas are Eclipse Sugar Free Gum, Peppermint, 18 Piece Packages (Pack of 8), Spirograph, and Rory’s Story Cubes.

spot it

Fidgets. Twiddle Fiddle Toy, Magnetic Marbles, and this fun Wood Fidget Puzzle.

magnetic marbles

Tools. My boys pretty much don’t leave home without a Leatherman Multi-Tool, and they say it’s a must for everyone’s stocking. A Flashlight is also high on their list of good ideas.. Someone has also asked me for a good pair of Scissors (01-004244J).


School Supplies. One of our guys famously said, ADHD is being able to lose something without moving. Extra pens, sharpies, USB cords, and water bottles are frequently lost, so extras are appreciated. And don’t forget the perpetually needed notecards, sticky notes, markers, and crayons. And does your ADHD family have a seriously good Stapler?

Really?!. Socks and underwear sound cliched, but what about fun Animal Socks or underwear? Or towels? One of ours actually asked for new towels.

animal socks

AND Lego’s. Apparently noone can have enough Lego’s.

So what’s on your list? Let us know if you have anything that our kids have left out!

PS Need more ideas? Here’s a list of stocking stuffers for ADHD kids…

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