How to Learn Math

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how to learn mathThe most important concept my boys learned about math was the fact families. Go here to get a template for making fact family cards – with lots of activity ideas. At some point, our kids have to graduate from the rote memorization of math facts to understanding what the numbers and facts represent. A cool book to foster this understanding is The Grapes of Math. (I love the title!) In it, the author asks riddles that make kids use what they know in new ways.

Pictures – My mom taught third grade for years, and always used a book called “Grandma’s Math” to help her visual learners who were having trouble memorizing facts. I searched in vain for the book she used, but found another, Memorize in Minutes, that used the same principle: kids memorize a picture that has a story and rhyme to help with fact recall. You can also get your child to help you come up stories and pictures, which may prove be the extra boost your child needs. NOTE! A reader sent in the link to Grandma’s Magical Math! It’s really old and really dated, but it’s highly recommended!

Math Games and Apps Most kid will do anything that is a video game or apps. There are lots of free apps, too!

Practice – However your child learns, practice makes perfect. Create your own practice worksheets here. You can choose what kind of problems and how difficult they are. This is a wonderful resource that you can use over and over again.

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  1. Over the years, we have learned that we have not communicated many of Mrs. Hanson’s great ideas well. Grandma’s Math is so visual that we simply have to show you, rather than relying on books alone. This is why the DVD was made. Please make time to watch it before using any of our other materials.

    While Parent-Teacher Store fills orders, the orders from the website come through me. I am having some medical problems that will delay filling orders somewhat. So, you may have to wait as long as a week or two, but no longer.

    Jeanette Beisner, coauthor Grandma’s Magical Math