Meet Brock Myers

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Brock MyersBefore Brock Myers was a mom, she worked as an advertising copywriter, selling everything from bricks to legal counsel. Today, her most common inspiration for writing continues to be her children; she’s mom to one son and two daughters, the youngest of whom was formerly diagnosed with the inattentive type of ADHD when she was in sixth grade. A longtime reader and fan of “Who Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet?,” Brock has recently joined Kayla in sharing her own experiences with teens, ADHD-I and life in general.

Brock and her husband make their home in the middle east and visit North Carolina as often as their schedule allows.

Brock and Kayla met at summer camp when they were eleven, although only Brock remembers their early acquaintance. It was in college that a friendship grew between the two women that has withstood the test of time, space, and ADHD. To protect the privacy of their children, both Brock and Kayla are pen names.