Modification for Classwork – Helping Kids Stay Focused

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third grade math adhd“With math homework we modify doing odds or evens if there are more than 10 questions. Also we just implemented a “dot” system. When she is doing classwork, she has to check in after doing X amount of problems and if she stays on track and finishes it in class she gets Dots. This encourages her to keep focused and helps the teacher know when she is struggling and needs help. The Dots are then sent home for us to use on assignments. We then use the dot’s on homework. One dot for one question she doesn’t have to do. For example, if she has ten math questions, but earns five Dots in class, she only has five problems to do.”

Even without the Dot rewards, this is a great system. For many children, the dots themselves are reward enough. Another good idea for this is to mark the intervals on the paper. If, for example, five questions are a Dot set, put a highlighted mark after question number five. The mark makes a goal, and reaching that goal gives a sense of accomplishment.

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