Music and Rhythm and Math (Ba Dee Ba!)

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math memorization for adhdAs with anything our children tackle, there is a way to teach children how to memorize math facts. Our job is to figure out the best way for our kids to learn them. Here are some ideas to use music and rhythm to teach math.

Music and Rhythm – “6 x 6 is 36”. “6 x 8 is 48”. I used to love to say any of the multiplication tables that rhymed! his was the way I learned multiplication. Our teachers didn’t use any fancy programs or special songs. Our teachers simply had us sing-song through all ten multiplication tables until I knew them. These days, kids would rather stream music or watch a Youtube video.. For basic facts in math, I still prefer the SchoolHouse Rock series to anything on the market today. A bit more modern, Count, Add, Subtract gives engaging and creative songs take kids through all the facts, with other songs featuring concepts and hints. By the way, unless you enjoy having Barney type music stuck in your head, I don’t recommend the Unplugged series. Enough said?

If your child is past math facts, but needs to memorize more advanced concepts and formulas, check out these delightful CD’s by Harry Guffee. Do The Math and Doggone Math feature such songs as “Rhythm of the Algorithm” and “Dance of the Pythagoreans” You’ll enjoy these songs designed to stick in your brain! Another great CD for older kids is Standard Deviants.

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