Notebook Paper for Poor Handwriting

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I was looking for color coded notebook paper that would be good for labeling papers, and found this paper, and I love it! Abilitations is great paper for our kids who have a hard time writing. The line guides them to form their letters more precisely. The colored areas keep them from having to think about how low that loop in the letter ‘g’ needs to go, so they can focus on formation. They remind me of the ‘red line, red line, blue line’ paper that we used when I was in grade school.

There are two types of paper – intermediate and beginner – with different sizes of lines. The packs come with 100 sheets. You can also buy notebooks, journal paper, handwriting practice sheets, and letter tracing pages.

The paper is a bit pricey, and I still like using graph paper for any kind of math. But I can totally see using this paper for lots and lots of things!

handwriting paper

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