Omega 3’s and ADHD

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I have written several times about Omega 3’s, the fatty acids necessary for cell health, most commonly found in fish oil. Studies have shown that deficiencies in Omega 3’s are related to ADHD. The body cannot make these fatty acids, and since the foods we eat contain very little, it’s necessary to use supplements. I’ve done a good bit of reading on the subject of Omega 3’s or LCP’s, and it convinced me that our family needed to start taking fish oil capsules.

We started taking the supplements last year, and while we didn’t see spectacular results, I really think that the boys were better able to focus. Plus, after about a month, my husband saw a marked decrease in the severity of his psoriasis. Then, over the summer, I got slack about passing out the daily dosages. My husband is a great guy, but if I don’t hand him the stuff, he doesn’t take it! And guess what – his psoriasis is back with a vengeance. It flared up during a particularly stressful workweek, but the stress has slacked off, and the psoriasis hasn’t. I’ve started giving out fish oil capsules again, and hopefully he’ll see improvements soon.

If you’ve not heard of Omega 3’s or LCP’s or fish oil, I encourage you to read about them and learn all you can. I wrote about the subject in the October newsletter, which you read here: Omega 3. A great book on the subject is THE LCP SOLUTION. I highly recommend that you get a copy and learn about our body’s need for LCP’s and how this could make a difference for your child.

One of the brands of fish oil recommended in The LCP Solution is Neuro-DHA fish oil. It’s available (at the best price…) from Amazon.


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  1. I’m allergic to fish, so the Omega 3 supplements were out of the question.

    Then I found a plant based Omega 3 supplement at the health food store.

    Do you think this would produce the same benefit for ADHD symptoms as the fish based product?