The PAC-kit – Our Planner for ADHD

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adhd plannerWe don’t talk a lot about the PAC-kit, but this is the time of year that we should! The PAC-kit is the Planner, Agenda, and Calendar that evolved from our attempts to keep Ron and Joe organized. We always found that store bought planners didn’t work for our guys.

Here’s what would happen.

It’s Tuesday night. Your son has a new $8.95 planner that you just bought because he lost the one he had before. You flip to today’s date. Nothing is written on it. He patiently shows you where he wrote his homework – on the wrong page. Because he couldn’t fit all the words onto the tiny lines, his assignments bleed over into the next day, but are still illegible.

So you call your next door neighbor, whose daughter always has her homework assignments done 15 minutes after she gets home. (Sigh.) You find out that there is a math worksheet, a chapter to read in Social Studies, ten spelling words to use in sentences, and a science activity that needs a pipette.

After a search, you find the math worksheet (what are ordinal numbers, again?) wadded down in the bottom of the bookbag with apple juice soaked into the corner. Your son brought home his science instead of Social Studies book. The list of spelling words is nowhere to be found. Nor is the pipette for the science activity.

Am I close?!

After years of struggling with all of the above, we invented the PAC-kit. Read about our planner for ADHD here!

About Kayla

Kayla Fay is a freelance writer and the mother of four boys, three of whom have been formally diagnosed with the inattentive type of ADHD. When she started โ€œWho Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet?โ€ in 2002, her sons were ages 8 through 14, when her life was a โ€œprogression of dirty laundry, lost homework, misunderstood Algebra, and a whole lot of love and funโ€.

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  1. Staci Waddle says

    I bought a planner an hour ago and have a question. How do I contact you? I just bought it — don’t have color printer. Can I copy it to a flash drive and take it to FedEx/Kinkos to print? Thanks!

    • Hello Staci,

      Thanks for your purchase. And yes, you can – and they’ll probably have the 3 holed paper! We recommend only doing a couple of months at at time.

      Let us know how it works for you!


      • Staci Waddle says

        OK, I”m sure the purchase went through, but I can’t find it anywhere. Can you check? Happy to talk to you through email instead of here, but I can’t figure out any other way of contacting you.


  2. Staci Waddle says

    Hi Kayla,

    Can you please tell me if you received payment for the planner? I cannot find it on my computer, but I’m sure payment went through. If you need to, please email me privately.


  3. Hi there
    May I please make a suggestion with regards to what has been frustrating to me as a user. Whenever I go onto this site to review products there is no list before all the blog posts. I want to be able to see at one glance, perhaps on the side or at the beginning a concise short list of what products you have available or recommend. Clicking through older posts does not work for me, and I have in the past out of frustration just left the site, despite the fact that I was researching information and possible practical products for ADHD children.
    Hope you do not mind this suggestion – It will really help alot to have a product list page and a product description page separately (as it is now with the blog posts) – users can then choose if they want to click through pages of paragraph descriptions or just go straight to the product that interests them / they are looking for from the product LIST page.
    For example, the PAC Kit – If I did not see it by accident, I would not have known it was a product on offer from the products page. It is not categorized under PRODUCTS ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am actually ADD, but for some or other reason I have an organization strength – I can see it, design it, implement but do not ask me to run with it lol!
    God bless, love the site

    • Thank you, Julia! There is a list of all the posts, but I really do need a prominent link to it. And as for listing our products under products…well I can’t believe I’ve not done that! It’s such an obvious thing to do.

      These are on my list of things to do. Thank you so much for the suggestions!

      And thank you for loving our site. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • So good to be useful in some way lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ I run a small tutoring centre in Cape Town, South Africa, and one of my goals for this year is to provide resources for families with ADHD, in whichever way it presents itself. Love the PAC Kit. I do have some questions, and will post them very soon though! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very little understood condition here, but fortunately not over medicated as we see in the USA. I have a friend whose life he says was destroyed by ADHD (in his 40’s now), and as I learn from authoritative resources such as yourself, I am starting to see that much of his pain could have been prevented with the resources and training that is now very readily provided in the USA. Imagine, instilling life management skills early on and resources so that children can leave school with a set of tools and families be equipped to deal with their beloved ADHD family members. Anyhow, so glad to now get to know all you good people ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Okay, it’s a quick fix, but I added some items to the menu on the site. From now on, I’m going to think in terms of organization. I really, really appreciate your input.

          That’s really great that you have a tutoring center. We’d love it if you would share your bests ADHD hints and strategies. Shoot – we’d love it if you shared any hints at all! The cool thing is that what doesn’t work for you might just work for someone else!

          Thank you again.

  4. Hi, will you be doing a planner for the 2015-2016 school year? How can I get one? If I just go ahead and order it will the dates be right? Thanks for creating this!

  5. Sheri Liddick says

    Do you have the Pac kit for 2015/2016 school year?

  6. The order form says the ” you’ll get downloadable daily dated calendar pages from now until the end of the 2015 school year! ” do you have something for the 2016-2017 school year?

    • Oh my goodness! The calendar is updated, but the sales page was not! You’ll get pages through the end of the 2017 school year! Thank you for letting us know!