Slogging through Homework

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homework incentive

After each subject, add an extra topping to the pizza.

You eat an elephant a bite at a time. A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. These proverbs make big jobs sound easier, but in reality, they don’t make much difference to our kids who are slogging through a night of math and science and social studies and that stupid book called Charlotte’s Web that the teacher made them read. It’s just overwhelming for our kids, truly.

But what if you gave an incentive for each bite of the elephant – a small ‘something to look forward to’ for each milestone? What about these…

1. After every five math problems, give a sticker.
2. After each paragraph written, allow a ten minute exercise session.
3. When each subject is completed, a different ingredient is put on the pizza.

For most of our kids, you’ll need to change this up often.

What are good milestones for your child? What incentives have worked for you?

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