Spelling Hints Part 2 – for Kids with Auditory Processing Disorders

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spelling hint auditory processingA mom who has a child with Auditory Processing Disorders along with other “quirks”, wrote, “Some kids have visual sequential memory problems. (They) can, on the other hand, find the correct spelling of a word in a list of incorrectly spelled words. Children can be tested for this and other spelling issues as well. And kids who have APD have the added problem of not processing information they hear correctly. The child may hear well enough, but not process the word as he hears it. (My son) still says “word” as worde – long o, for example. While this issue of his used to make my skin crawl, I had to accept this in my child and do what I could to help him.

I bought him a Franklin Speller and he was allowed to use it at school…On the other hand, I insist he use the spell check on the computer as well as the Franklin Speller before mailing in work. I will not allow the ‘disability’ to be used as an excuse for bad work.”

NOTE: One of the most valuable helps we ever used was an electronic dictionary. Not only does it help with spelling, but it helps when your child has to look up words. The electronic dictionary has more concise definitions, so there’s not so much to copy. And there’s no flipping back and forth looking for words. After your child has mastered looking things up alphabetically, using an electronic dictionary is great!

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