Spelling Hints Part 3 – Routines

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spelling hint for each dayA mom wrote to me about the routines she established to help her daughter study spelling:

On Spelling, for my daughter, with poor speech and auditory issues, here’s our method, for stress free, no tears spelling, started around first grade, now in fourth:

Monday: We look at and READ the words out loud a couple of times. If they are harder, I will read and she will repeat. No testing on this day,

Tuesday: She does some of her spelling workbook pages, and we look at and READ the words again, maybe do an oral test if she has mastered reading them.

Wednesday: Finish spelling workbook, do oral quiz, mark ones missed – have her write ONLY THOSE 3X on notebook paper.

Thursday: Oral quiz again, write words missed 3X, then review ones still unsure of until she can spell each one correctly.

She still misses some on the Friday test, but usually only one or two.”

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