How Do You Organize Your Time?

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I’m working on rewriting an article that was posted several years ago, and I sort of got stuck on #2, Order, Order which talks about getting organized. The original post talks about how my husband and I use Palms to organize our busy households. Funny how the Palm – which was the cutting edge back then – now seems so dated. And it’s amazing how we went from being totally dependent on a PDA (when’s the last time you heard that term?) to not needing it at all.

Since our kids have started to drive, they basically keep their own schedules. And I work at home, so I’ve just been using the Outlook calendar on my computer. Still, I like gadgets, and my husband and I are working on a project that is going to require a bit more synchronization of schedules. And what about all of you who DO need a synchronized family calendar. What should we use? I posed the question on Facebook and Twitter, and came up with something surprising. Paper calendars are still used in almost every household, followed closely by Google calendar. One mom uses the calendar on her cell phone, then transfers it to…a paper calendar. So much for expensive gadgets…

I Googled around, and found that I could sync my Outlook with Google calendars using this handy tool. You can do the same with your internet phone here.

But, unbelievably, I don’t have a cell phone that connects to the internet. I’m just way too cheap. (And can you imagine how much it would cost to have all six of our family on cell phones that were internet enabled?)

So now I’m throwing the question out to you guys. How do you keep your family schedule organized? Post your response in the comments section below. Thanks!

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  1. http://Colleen%20Thomas says

    I keep the calendar on my cell phone and transfer it to a calendar in our laundry room (Mom’s Plan-It; color coded by family member). When something that comes up that affects my husband’s work schedule (ie: he needs to go in late or leave early to accomodate a kid appointment/activity), I e-mail him and he puts it on his work Outlook calendar. Before bed everynight, I look at my cell phone before turning it off to review the next day and anything I need to get ready or remind either my hubby or kids about. My daughter (4th grade), has been using a desk mat calendar for a few years and she takes our master calendar in the laundry room and transfers everything to her own calendar. Now my Inattentive 6th grade son….